Herbs Wurm-Ex tested

Dear Ani Fit Team,

We have two young Bengal cats, a boy and a girl from the same litter. The two are now 9 months old.

Both had soft stools and diarrhoea right from the start. We repeatedly had their faeces examined by the vet and despite repeated deworming with conventional products, it didn't get any better.

Then I changed the food to Anifit and discovered the herbal wormer on the website. Despite the high price, I ordered it.

The product is very economical, you only need half a teaspoon per meal.

The product smells very strongly of herbs, which is why I have to flavour the cat's food with meat spice or salmon oil. The cat eats it without additives, so it very much depends on the animal.

But the most important thing: after two weeks of daily use, they both have their first solid bowel movement and are therefore free of symptoms and discomfort.

Best regards
Beatrix Cals

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