Dear Anifit Team,

Thanks to Mrs Gaigl's dog training, we have been successful with our dog Jacky, who was previously a problem dog, strictly speaking. He had the sceptre in his "paw". As we were given the wrong information at the time, he really danced around on our noses.

He didn't listen, let alone let us tell him what to do. He thought he was the boss and we were the subjects. Thanks to a very nice, patient dog trainer with no prejudices against punks;), who was always on hand with help and advice at all times and gave us the right information - including about dog food - our dog Jacky has changed completely. Me and my friend definitely recommend Hundeschule Gaigl on a scale of 1-10 stars with a definite 10 stars! We and our Jacky are just as enthusiastic about the Anifit wet dog food and would like to thank Anifit for the fast and safe delivery. We personally find the information from our dog trainer "Mrs Gaigl" very effective. And thanks to the positive training, our dog is also doing what he would do in a pack ;) Last but not least, we would like to thank Mrs Gaigl personally for the wonderful weeks! This makes dog training fun ;)

Best regards Nicole Heller & Markus Lehrke

April 2013

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