Moro's carrot soup (Karottensuppe) Natural home remedy from Dr. Moro

Moro's carrot soup (Karottensuppe) 390g (1 Piece)
Moro's carrot soup (Karottensuppe) 390g (1 Piece)
Moro's carrot soup (Karottensuppe) 390g (1 Piece)
Moro's carrot soup (Karottensuppe) 390g (1 Piece)
Moro's carrot soup (Karottensuppe) 390g (1 Piece)
1 Piece, 390g
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Moro's carrot soup is very well described in Wikipedia. The free encyclopaedia writes about it:

Moro's carrot soup is used as a natural remedy in human and veterinary medicine. It was first published at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1908, the renowned Austrian paediatrician Ernst Moro, at that time a senior physician at the paediatric clinic of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, succeeded in drastically reducing the death and complication rate of children with diarrhoeal diseases by administering this carrot soup. Moro prepared the soup according to old home recipes, thus saving the lives of many children in his area of work.

Why carrot soup works so well was only discovered much later with the help of modern laboratory tests: When carrots are cooked for a long time, acid oligogalacturonides are produced, tiny sugar molecules that resemble the receptors of the intestinal epithelium, so that the pathogenic intestinal germs dock to the sugar molecules instead of the intestinal wall and are simply excreted. In this way, the intestinal flora can recover.

Moro's carrot soup is therefore suitable as a temporary diet and supports the animal‘s intestinal flora.




50 % carrots (cooked for 90 minutes), 49.7 % drinking water, 0.3 % salt.
100 % natural, free from additives

Analytical components

0 % crude protein, 0 % crude fat and oil, 1 % crude fibre, 0 % crude ash, 95 % moisture, 4 % NfE (~carbohydrates)

Feeding recommendation

Feed as required. To benefit the intestinal function, serve the soup about half an hour before another meal. The soup is more digestible when slightly warmed, but it can also be served at room temperature. Once opened, use within two days and store refrigerated.

Tip: Moro's carrot soup can also help with giardia infestation. Always feed the soup half an hour before each meal and avoid flakes (carbohydrates) at meals. After two weeks, there is a high chance that the giardia will be gone.


Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats

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